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The dynamics of every family is fundamentally changed through the divorce process.  As such, the well being of your family can depend on the character of your attorney and how he or she handles your divorce. Whether access to your children is under question or you wish to begin a divorce, Mr. McCormack has the knowledge and experience to fight for you and your family’s best interests.


Mr. McCormack handles all legal matters affecting your family:


• Divorce, contested and uncontested
• Child Custody
• Child Support
• Visitation Rights
• Modifications to Custody and/or Support Orders
• Protective Orders
• Peace Orders
• Adoptions
• Name Change


Always communicate with the opposing party in writing, whether it is through email, texts or letters, and always place agreements reached between yourself and the opposing party in writing.
If you and your ex-spouse agree to a change in the terms of a separation agreement or consent order, the modification must first be legal, and then specific enough for a court to accept. Otherwise you could find yourself having to re-litigate all matters previously agreed to, or worse, face a contempt petition for contradicting a prior court order.


Whatever your concerns, Mr. McCormack can provide you with the needed legal guidance and personal attention to help through these difficult situations.


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